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Pluses Financial Services

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Pluses Financial Services

We provide customized financing solutions
for businesses of the real economy

Tailor-made Financing

Delivering Customized, Innovative financing solutions to Myanmar Entereprises.

Simple, Fast & Easy

Delivering Customized, Innovative financing solutions to Myanmar Entereprises.

Tailor-made Financing

Delivering Customized, Innovative financing solutions to Myanmar Entereprises.

About Us


Our mission at Pluses is to enable mid-size enterprises in Myanmar to grow beyond their working capital and to reach their highest potential by providing innovative, effective and customized financial solutions. We are dedicated to creating lasting win-win relationships rather than realizing short-term profits.

Registered under the Central Bank of Myanmar (CBM), Pluses is more than a finance company. We are a trusted advisor and financial solutions provider to our clients. Our directors have decades of experience in finance. Their expertise is crucial in providing the right solutions. Above all, we seek to fully understand our clients’ needs in order to provide customized solutions.

Service is our watchword and our team is always quick to respond to enquiries. Moreover, our pricing is fair and reasonable. We are here to help your business reach new heights.

At Pluses, good is not good enough. We seek excellence in everything and we pride our customer centric financial service.

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Contract financing is a simple and effective business financing instrument which is specifically designed to support the fulfillment of commercial contracts.

Eligibility is based on the terms and conditions of the particular contract and the reputation and creditworthiness of the buyer, rather than the credit record of the client.

Normally, the financing amount covers the cost of goods, raw materials and shipment. The period starts from the order placement to the client and lasts until payment is received from the buyer.

Myanmar Contract Financing, Contract Financing Myanmar


Pluses Financial Process


The funds are disbursed based on the terms and conditions of the eligible contract or confirmed purchase order. Repayment will be made on invoice settlements at completion of contract or at each progressive milestone.

Pluses Financial Beneifts


Contract financing is faster and less complex than getting a bank loan. Most importantly, there is no problem if you have no credit rating. In most cases, collateral is not required.

Pluses Financial Fit for Whom

Fit For Whom?

Contract financing is particularly suited to enterprises in high growth industries. Moreover, businesses receiving large orders from government agencies or well-established and reputable companies will benefit since it is designed to covers the cost of goods, raw materials and shipment.

Pluses Financial Why Contract Finance

Why contract finance?

Unlike commercial bank loans, contract financing is designed to match with the nature and meet with the financial challenges of the contract. The costs are fair and reasonable. The process is fast and simple.

Pluses Financial Are You Eligible

Are you eligible?

Is your business registered in Myanmar? Has it been operating for at least three years? Do you have a valid contract and confirmed purchase order from a well-established company or government agency? If yes, we should talk.

Pluses Financial About Your Project

About your project

The project must be low risk. The profit margin must cover service charges and loan interest costs. The service contract must include an equipment component.





At Pluses, we value your contributions of professional knowledge and skills in developing the best possible Customized Financial Solutions for the clients. With projects coming from real, hands-on businesses across multiple industries, you will be able to gain abundant intellectual experience by working collaboratively with skilled team members in a professional family team culture.

We are currently recruiting for various positions including Financial Analysts and Credit Analysts.
Show us your interest and send an email at to start building a solid financial career by working and growing together with Pluses. Click here to see what it’s like working at Pluses Financial.

"Every project is unique. Cross functional team brainstorming is one of our rituals."

Mra Theingi Zan
Senior Credit Analyst

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